Several open-source projects to which I contribute.



Simgrid is a free software to simulate a wide range of distributed systems: grid, P2P, cloud, MPI applications. Its simulation models have been theoretically and experimentally assessed.

I mostly use and contribute to SMPI a module of Simgrid which can realisticaly simulate unmodified MPI applications.

Roaring bitmaps


Roaring bitmaps are fast and lightweight sets of unsigned 32 bits integers. They can be several orders of magnitude more efficient than classical implementations (e.g. hash tables, balanced binary trees, uncompressed bitmaps), both in terms of time and memory consumption. Implementations exist in several languages, including C and Python:

  • CRoaring is a C implementation. I implemented several parts of the library: range constructor, select query, subset test.
  • PyRoaring is a Python wrapper for the C implementation. It allows to use roaring bitmaps transparently in Python, with the speed of C. I implemented most of the library.



Platypus is a modular and open source question answering framework. Its main purpose is to answer to questions asked in a natural language (e.g. in English). For instance, it answers correctly to the question:

What is the birth date of the president of the United States?

For more information, read the report or the slides. This work was initially a student project. It was done as part of the master’s first year at the ENS Lyon, in a team of seven. The project has then been sold to Lexistems and is no longer actively maintained by ourselves.